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How to Avoid Potholes

Allstate offers tips on how to avoid pothole damage to your car
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Winter’s grasp will hopefully be letting go with warmer weather on the way for most of the country in the next few weeks. But if this winter wasn’t wicked enough, its effects will be felt by drivers for months to come in the form of the dreaded pothole. It’s something drivers might not be able to prevent, but there are simple things that can be done to escape damage to a car.

“Potholes can destroy tires, throw off a car’s alignment or worse,” said Anthony Royer, president of Allstate Roadside Services. “One of the most important things people can do is to make sure their tires are adequately inflated. This helps to protect and cushion the rim of your tire from damage.”

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Optional Extras For Your Car Insurance – Are They Worth It?

Whether you’re cruising around in leather-lined luxury or scurrying through the school run in your fuel-efficient family wagon, you’ve probably got car insurance to cover you for any unexpected incidents or accidents. On top of your standard comprehensive car insurance, however, there are a few optional extras you may want to take out to protect your vehicular pride and joy.

carextras1Our driving lifestyles are all different, so why not choose a policy that suits your choice of car and your unique needs as a car-owner? Through optional extras cover, you can tailor your policy in two ways: extra protection or reduced premiums. Many things, like Windscreen and Glass, Personal Effects and Accident Car Hire are not always covered by standard comprehensive policies, but could be a worthwhile addition, depending on the type of policy you are looking for.

Extra protection does come at a price; insurers will charge an additional premium for each type of optional extras cover you decide on, so choose wisely and make sure you find a balance between what you need and what you can afford. Also, be aware that, except for Roadside Assistance which you can sometimes purchase as a stand-alone ancillary cover, most of these optional extras need to be added to an existing comprehensive insurance policy. However, do check with your policy provider to be sure.

Below are some common optional extras that will give you and your car a higher level of protection.

Finding The Right Car Insurance For Your Car

rightcarinsurance1Congrats on selecting your new car! You’ve done all the research to figure out which vehicle suits your lifestyle the best, down to the last cup holder and chrome detail. You’ve probably read our post Choosing The Right Car For Your Lifestyle. The time has come and now you’re taking the plunge. You can’t wait to enjoy that ‘new car’ smell. Whether you’ve decided on a compact hatch for cruising around the city, a family-moving people pleaser, or you’ve splashed out on a luxury sports car, now’s the time to protect your investment and think about car insurance.

Just like cars, car insurance comes in many shapes and sizes to suit all vehicle types and life situations. It’s important to make sure that your car insurance meets your specific needs .

Find The Right Car For Your Lifestyle

Find The Right Car For Your Lifestyle


Buying a new car can be a tricky decision; it’s not exactly comparable with the purchase of a new book or a pair of pants! Looks ostensibly do matter when you’re considering a new vehicle, but let’s be honest – the safety features and durability of a car are undoubtedly more important in the long run. Whether you’re a first-time car owner or you’re replacing an older model, there are several factors that you should take into account before you start car shopping in earnest.

While your budget will clearly influence your decision, your lifestyle will also have an equal impact on your purchase. Be sure to have a good hard think about how often the car will be driven, the distances it will regularly travel, the type of terrain, and how many other people will be using the car. These considerations might sound obvious, but they are important to keep in mind when you’re on the prowl for a new car. Don’t underestimate how easy it is to get sidetracked by a shiny new model that may or may not be entirely practical! If you’re going to invest your hard-earned cash in such a significant purchase, it’s imperative that your new vehicle is a suitable asset for your unique lifestyle.

Important Car Advice For Young Drivers

If you are (or your son or daughter is) a young adult who has just received their P plates, or even their full driver’s license, then congratulations! You’ve successfully passed the first few hurdles on the path to becoming a responsible and adept driver. As exciting as your achievement undoubtedly is, however, you probably know that there’s a lot more to driving than passing a few theoretical and practical tests. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie on the road, driving is one activity that will always demand your full and total attention, both physically and mentally.youngdrivers3

If you’re looking to become a more proficient driver, practice always makes perfect. This is why it’s important to continuously work on honing your driving skills, both by physically driving and by learning and internalizing safety methods and measures. As a young driver, it’s important for you to understand that by holding a license and controlling a vehicle on the road, you have an important responsibility to always look out for your own and for others’ safety. Luckily, there’s a wealth of information out there for young drivers, and this post in particular can help you out with the basics of buying a car, purchasing insurance, and driving responsibly.